How to recover files
How to recover files

How to recover pen drive?

The most common causes for such data loss are various kinds of viruses, errors by user handling, accidental deletion of files, power surges etc. Pen drive also known as thumb drive, flash drive, key drive is portable data storage device used to transfer files between computers, notebook and laptop.

Pen Drive Data Recovery

Pen Drive Data Recovery

Pen drive is specially designed to stores data like text documents, MS word files, audios, videos files folders and other data files folders, depending upon size of the pen drive.

You can easily recover data from pen drive in the following data loss scenarios including:

  • Accidentally or intentionally deleted files from flash drive
  • Files lost due to formatting or "Shift + Delete" operation
  • Corruption due to pen drive being unplug during read/write process
  • Virus infected pen drive and other events that could cause to damage the pen drive data.

If you lost your entire data from pen drive and want to recover it, then you have come at right place. We provide solution to get back your deleted pen drive data in comprehensive way.

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