How to recover files
How to recover files

How to recover deleted files from recycle bin?

Recycle bin is where files and folders are sent when you remove them. If you ever pressed the empty option on your recycle bin mistakenly. When you open the Windows Explorer to delete a file, it's not actually deleted, but is moved to a hidden folder called the recycle bin, which is really helpful because if you need the file later, you can restore it from the Recycle bin. The Recycle Bin offers a kind of protection for the data on our computers. There are thousands of people who accidentally deleted the data and want to restore the files and folders of recycle bin.

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Basically there is one major thing you need to know about deleting files, before we go any further. When you delete a file, you’re not actually erasing the file – you’re erasing a little “pointer” that points to the location of the file on your computer. Once the pointer file is gone, you won’t know where the data is stored any more – but that doesn’t mean it’s completely gone. Clicking the “empty” option on your Recycle Bin just hides the data.

Using data recovery software you can easily recovers your all deleted data from recycle bin.

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